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FitRadio Kft.

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Music service

Background music has great impact on everyone’s mood, it can alleviate sadness and relieve stress. So we selected the contents of each of the different musical genre channels to make sure that they are customised to every activity and challenge. This will enable everyone to find their most ideal background music.

More potential clients enter shops where top quality background music is heard. Customers and clients feel better when they hear music, and therefore they spend more time in the store. And when they spend more time in the store, they are also expected to spend more money. If they also start to tap the rhythm of their favourite music, they are likely to attach a positive sense to shopping and are more likely to return to you in the future!

The FitRadio online interface is very easy to access via browser or application as well. Because of its custom design, the system does not require special technical equipment, making it a cost-efficient solution. FitRadio also offers the possibility to purchase a premium account, enabling you to fully customise the radio to your needs. Your own radio will not only strengthen the brand, but it also serves as a marketing tool to clients and partners. The premium music service can include your own commercials (e.g. campaigns, new products, events) to directly appeal to your own target group.

In addition to the low monthly fee, we can also help you reduce your Artisjus fees. For more information about the Artisjus discounts, please visit the Artisjus discounts section.

Have your own radio and your own marketing tool!

Why us?

Because FitRadio is a special “hybrid”, multi-channel online music radio focusing primarily on the fitness/wellness industry and has been able to establish a national network. Because we have been active in the field of online radio and advertising management since 2014. Because our operation and interface are innovative and unique. Because we are flexible and client-oriented, and provide a solution to our partners which will make them absolutely satisfied!

More than 2000 hours of music
Updated monthly
Unique music and commercial broadcast
Automated operation
No CDs or USB drives required
Own commercial clip
24/7 online remote monitoring
Genuine, authorised music
Innovative online interface