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Wellness-industry specialist FitRadio also chooses Atmedia

Budapest, 29 August 2019 – FitRadio, an online radio specialised in providing top quality music service to gyms, sports centres and beauty parlours has also joined the advertising sales radio portfolio of Atmedia from June 2019. 24 different music channels of FitRadio are carried by almost 300 partners throughout the country. In accordance with the special demands of the business sector, the radio broadcasts music programmes with low advertising noise, only airing a single commercial every 20 minutes.

The radio portfolio of the largest multimedia sales house welcomes the advertising sales of a special broadcaster, the online FitRadio from June 2019. In the Atmedia radio portfolio, FitRadio is the first web-based service to offer a unique opportunity in the Hungarian radio market with its custom programming and much lower advertising noise than regular commercial broadcasters.

Máté Szabolcsi, the managing director of FitRadio Kft. explained: "We have been looking for a partner that can reach the entire commercial market and also represent the custom service offered by our company with appropriate emphasis. We believe that our close-circuit professional programme broadcasting service is a unique opportunity for wellness and beauty service providers, as well as advertisers."

FitRadio has been launched in 2014, it continuously expands its range of partners and reaches 100 000 listeners every day. The listening habits and demands of customers in gyms and sports centres are different from everyday radio listeners, and the online music radio aims to satisfy this special demand. FitRadio currently offers 24 different genre music channels and almost 2000 hours of music.

"We are very happy to see our portfolio expanding with an online audio service in addition to the existing national radios. The 24 FitRadio online channels are currently broadcast in 276 fitness, wellness facilities and sports centres, and we consider it a wonderful tools for radio campaigns, in addition to the traditional channels." - explained András Galavics, head of the Atmedia radio division and commercial manager.

According to the research ordered by Atmedia, advertisers can use FitRadio to reach a targeted audience of younger and better-earning people compared to the mean population, with low advertising noise. This is because FitRadio only allows one commercial in every 20 minutes of its broadcast, so commercials will not disturb the listeners, and commercials have a higher than average recall. Also, the national network enables broadcasting regionally targeted campaigns.

From 18 April this year, Atmedia has transferred radio advertising sales from its former subsidiary (Radio Sales House Kft.) to the company group. Within the company group, MSC represents advertising sales activities for the public broadcasters, purchased by the trading house with the largest TV portfolio in late 2016. Since 1 January 2016, MSC Kft. performs the sales activities of public TV and radio advertising (Kossuth Rádió, Petőfi Rádió, Dankó Rádió, Bartók Rádió).